The Nurse Leader Coach: Become the Boss No One Wants to Leave

Whether you are just beginning your leadership career or are a seasoned expert, leadership in nursing today is challenging. Staff turnover is on the rise. What nurses expect from their leaders has changed. Being an effective manager is no longer enough. Staff expects more than an annual performance evaluation. To win the talent war and become the boss that no one wants to leave, you need to add individualized coaching to your leadership toolbox. Effective coaching is strengths-based, engagement focused and performance-oriented. Wise leaders recognize that when the needs of the workforce change, they must adopt new leadership strategies to become employers of choice. The author, a nationally known leadership development expert, breaks down the essential skills and behaviors that leaders need today to develop a coaching mindset and let your staff thrive. The book includes coaching examples and practical strategies that can quickly move you from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to feeling confident in your role. You will learn how to build a coaching foundation, develop your coaching skills and coach your team to higher levels of performance. The Nurse Leader Coach gives you the tools you need to change from being a manager to a leader coach. Let it be your roadmap and practical guide to becoming the boss that no one wants to leave.

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Book Title: The Nurse Leader Coach: Become the Boss No One Wants to Leave

Book Author: Dr. Rose O Sherman

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ISBN: 173291270X