Laptops For Dummies

Are you thinking about buying a laptop, but you’re not sure what to look for, how to choose one, or how to use it? Or maybe you already have a laptop and just want to learn more about its features, functions, and capabilities. Dan Gookin, the author of the best-selling Dummies series, shows you the ins and outs of owning and operating your portable PC with Laptops for Dummies, 2 Edition. This fun-and-easy guide covers all the laptop necessities, from managing the battery and other hardware to going wireless. It’ll provide you with advice on shopping for a laptop and using it wherever you go—at home, in class, or on the road! This handy, updated reference will give you the tools you need to: Determine what you need and don’t need in a laptop Clean and maintain your computer Navigate using Windows Expand your laptop with USB ports, PC cards, and more Connect to the Internet Travel with your laptop and keep it safe Link your laptop to your desktop Operate using Windows Vista This book provides tips and tricks for keeping your battery healthy and working. It also suggests accessories and expansions that are well worth the money, as well as things you should always take with you in your laptop case. With Laptops for Dummies, 2 Edition, you’ll get the most out of your new, portable computer—and have fun too!

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Book Title: Laptops For Dummies

Book Author: Dan Gookin

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ISBN: 0470054328