Hope Looks Good on You!: A Comedians Joy-inducing Daily Devotional for Women

Imagine starting your day with a dose of hope and joy — how could living with less stress and anxiety impact your life?   These 21 daily joy-inducing devotions will help you develop a new habit of hope!This uplifting devotional book, Hope Looks Good on You:  A Comedian’s Joy-inducing Daily Devotional for Women includes comedian Dorie Mclemore's humorous stories, Scripture verses, application of the Word, and journaling prompts to help you on your hope and joy journey. It's the perfect coffee companion for your personal morning devotions or to use for small group discussions in your home...or in a coffee shop if you don't want to clean your house.  It also would be wonderful for your church women’s book group to do on-line together!In this Daily Devotional Journal you will:✓ Laugh…a funny, painfully true story starts each day off with a bit of laughter which is "a good medicine" and burns calories, enough said.✓ Learn…each daily devotion time includes Scripture and a practical application to the issues you face today.✓ Live…the “Reflect and Journal” portion at the end of each chapter includes a question or writing/drawing prompt to help you connect the day’s lesson to your life.Bonuses:★ A 10-day Amish Friendship Bread Recipe, chapter 3★ Photo of a puppet-producing business prototype, chapter 17★ Pictures of creepy costumes, including a Bank robber, chapter 4, a Tin man, chapter 12 and a Mute Hunchback, chapter 21Author Dorie Mclemore is a licensed minister / comedian / story-teller / joy-bringer / coffee-lover who believes that caffeine is keeping her alive, popcorn should have its own food group, dry-cleaning saves marriages and that true joy comes from knowing we are worthy of God’s love in the middle of all our imperfections.  She has been speaking and performing comedy across the country and around the world since 2006.  She also travels with comedian Michael Jr., Sisters United, and in the carpool line for two different schools.She has written countless Family Bestsellers like:  Wednesday Grocery List,  Vacation Itinerary Summer 2018, and Aunt Susie’s 64th Birthday Card, among others.   Note from the author:Writing a devotional book about hope and joy can be tricky because it has the connotation that I am the most hopeful and joyful person on the planet...that flowers spring up where I step and some type of musical montage starts when I enter the room.This is not the case.In fact, if you happen to see me in my car in a bit of traffic one day, I hope my face shows the hope and joy in my heart rather than any other emotion or the hormones running through my veins.I wrote this devotional book because I am on my own joy journey. I am learning that choosing hope and joy in the middle of chaos and difficult circumstances is not some form of unrealistic optimism -- there is actual power in the act of living hopeful. There is joy in knowing we are deeply loved by God in the middle of our imperfections.This devotional book contains a splattering of lessons God has taught me through some of my own "Dorie stories" that I pray will be helpful to those wanting more hope and joy in their lives!Add this daily devotional journal to your cart and start your day on a hopeful note!

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Book Title: Hope Looks Good on You!: A Comedians Joy-inducing Daily Devotional for Women

Book Author: Dorie Mclemore

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ISBN: 1736219405