I Tried to Box With God

A true story about the founder of Viejo Entertainment. David doc Robertson details how his life changed within a second on a football field years ago. Paralyzed with a spinal-cord injury and stuffed in the backseat of a 1968 Ford Falcon - what else could go wrong? Experience the trauma of shattered dreams, the rejection of beliefs, and poetic boxing match that ended faster than a flash of lightning. Robertson writes: It took forever for my body to hit the ground. I saw the blue sky and other players getting up. I tried to join them, but instead, my short life flashed through my mind in an nth of a second. I find it amusing that my next thought was, wow it's true! Your life does flash through. Then I realized that the brief movie I had just seen meant I would die. I was 17.But Robertson lived and for the next 10 years strived to do one thing during his continuous wrestling match with God. Take the journey with him toward that goal and be inspired.For info about David doc Robertson: www.daviddoc.com

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Book Title: I Tried to Box With God

Book Author: David doc Robertson

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